Home, sweet home

by Volker Weber

After a week of travel we are finally back home. What a journey! We have visited Florian, Herbert, Ilse, Inge, Leon, Martin, Mitch, Petra, Sandra, Stefan, Timm, Waltraud, Wolfgang, met Ed, Ralph, and dozens of friends and acquaintances. A special thanks to Anneliese, Otto, Wolfgang and their team for making this such a memorable event.

After a short break we shall be ready to resume publishing. :-)


"we shall be ready to resume publishing"
We? Pluralis majestatis or vowe supported by Snoopy, Lucy, Scooter and whoelse might be involved in the publishing? The team probably can live quite well with less of a break though ;-)

Ragnar Schierholz, 2005-02-26

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