Memos not syncing between Treo 650 and Mac?

by Volker Weber

This took me a few hours of install and uninstall to figure this out: The Tungsten T5 requires its own version of Palm Desktop. The reason is that there are now two conduits for certain funnctions. There are two conduits for the Memopad: Memopad Conduit and Memos Conduit. The iSync conduit however removes the second conduit on installation. Here is how you get it back:

cd /Application\ Support/Palm\ HotSync/Disabled\ Conduits
sudo mv Memos\ Conduit/ ../Conduits

I believe this new scheme is caused by the new storage structure in the flash memory and may therefore be applicable to the Tungsten T5 as well. Did I mention that the T5 Palm desktop does not have an uninstall feauture and you have to do it manually?


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