Playing it loud

by Volker Weber

yp-t7x-scaled.jpgOne of the things that I brought home from CeBIT is a Samsung MP3 player that packs amazing features into hardly more than one ounce:

Given that many features you should not be surprised that it is quite complicated to operate. You need to go into a menu to switch from MP3 player to radio or any of the viewers. I wonder why it has a dedicated button for A-B loops but none for mode switching. Samsung could use some serious usability engineering.

You can make a playlist on the fly or just play one directory or all files. Ogg support will definitely resonate well with a lot of people. Since my music library is all MP3 I don't care that it does not play AAC files. Having a voice recorder will be very handy at times. Less for short notes but rather for recording an interview. A picture viewer the size of a stamp? I don't know. ;-)

On the PC you are installing a USB driver and a software package. On the Mac it just shows up as a drive. Dump a bunch of files on it and you are ready to go. Thankfully it uses a standard USB mini connector and charges over that cable.

This is not going to replace Woodstock but is definitely a good addition to the travel bag.

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