What comes after the most biggest?

by Volker Weber

So LaCie now has a Bigger Disk Extreme, following up to Big Disk Extreme and Big Disk. What is next?

Stefan has some ideas:

Biggest Disk Extreme
Really Biggest Disk Extreme
Now really, really biggest Disk Extreme
Now Really, Really Biggest Disk Ultra Extreme ...

More >


Biggest Disk Extreme in the World Ever
Biggest Disk Extreme in the World Ever...2

Kitty Fothringham, 2005-04-06

Sounds like a possible Monty Python sketch - Life of Brian, Scene 20, Take 2.

Now weally, weally, biggus Disk Extweme...
Now Weally, Weally, Biggus Disk Ultwa Extweme...
Now Biggus Disk Extweme in the Wowld Evwa... 2 :D

Vincent Grant, 2005-04-06

I can't believe it's not infinite.

Chris Linfoot, 2005-04-07

No. Infinity + 1 in Google speech ;)

Vincent Grant, 2005-04-08

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