by Volker Weber


I dug out the old Michael Jackson albums and put them on heavy rotation. For one simple reason: I despise this "death by a thousand cuts" drama. He may be a freak. He may have done wrong. Then go ahead and put him on trial until you have come up with a verdict.

Meanwhile he is an artist that has won 20 Grammy awards and does not deserve to be dragged around like this.


I'm with you. I think he's a brilliant artist, and it's unfortunate he never had a chance to understand what it is to be "normal". Since he was a small child he's been a star, I can definitely see why he's so odd when it comes to interpersonal relations, and why he can't understand why people think its weird to have children sleep over. I think he's a very lonely person with a lot of pain.

If he did molest kids, he should be punished. But being a freak isn't enough to convict. I don't really know the evidence one way or the other, but I really hope he is innocent.

Damien Katz, 2005-04-08

Hear hear! There are a LOT of people, much more dangerous than Jackson, out walking around right now. (Tom Delay springs to mind, and George W Bush).

People like him (rich and "different") become easy targets for extortion and for prosecutors looking for political advancement.

Bob Balaban, 2005-04-08

I think the whole thing is extremely sad, whether he’s guilty or not. Either way I reckon this whole thing has destroyed him, whilst it still remains to be seen whether he actually deserves that.

The maxim “innocent until proven guilty” has disappeared in this age of saturated media coverage, and that’s the biggest tragedy of all.

Ben Poole, 2005-04-08

"Thriller" and "Off The Wall" are always in the disc-changer in the car.
If he is a weirdo or not. These two albums are great.

Tobias Mueller, 2005-04-08

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