Are your Quicktime exports from iPhoto too big?

by Volker Weber

I was quite surprised myself when I saw my 120 photo slideshow exported to Quicktime grow substantially, very much like this guy describes:

I frequently make QuickTime Movies out of slide shows I have assembled in iPhoto. I recently upgraded to the new iPhoto (5.0.1) and was disappointed at how much larger the movie size was. In the previous version of iPhoto the “large” movie option was 640x480. I made a large movie with 104 photos and the size of the movie was 12 MB. In the new version the “large” option is 720x480; there is no 640x480 option. Making a movie out of the identical slide show resulted in a file that is 76 MB. Why does this happen?

The problem is of course not the increase in resolution but the files that iPhoto creates. The new slideshow feature produces MPEG4 movies. If you apply the Ken Burns effect, you get lots of frames that don't compress as easily as the format that iPhoto 4 exported. But the old format is still available. Read the solution after the jump.

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