Big Apple patch week

by Volker Weber

This was a week full of software patches on the Mac.

Did I forget anything?


Nope, I guess you get them all. Hopefully Tiger will be fixed in such a way that I can again use software update instead of downloading and applying all the patches to the OS manually.

Stefan Rubner, 2005-04-16

@Stefan: Possibly, you miss the "tar" command. This gets frequently lost if you had XCode installed and uninstalled it afterwards. Try typing "tar" in a Terminal. You should see something like:
tar: You must specify one of the `-Acdtrux' options
Try `tar --help' for more information.
If you miss tar, you will see something like:
-bash: tar: command not found

Markus Weimer, 2005-04-16

@Markus: Nope. My problem is that I'm using a transparent HTTP proxy server that also does a virus scan of downloaded files before delivering them to the requesting client. Normally, this works like that: Transparent proxy (TP) interjects request from application to download a file via HTTP. TP starts to download file while sending packets to the application saying "hold on for a minute, I'll be sending the file shortly". When finished with downloading, TP scans the file for viruses and delivers it to the application. This works just fine with any browser. Software Update however seems to discard the "hang on" packets and thus times out after a while. This especially affects larger downloads like for example the 10.3.9 update. With smaller files I might get lucky. Now, if Apple would integrate the support for those "hold on" packets, there wouldn't be any problem anymore.

Stefan Rubner, 2005-04-16

Keyword Assistant for iPhoto

David Richardson, 2005-04-16

PithHelmet - regex based content filtering for Safari (previously unavailable for 1.3 beta versions).

David Richardson, 2005-04-17

I just installed the patch and java died with a "Segmentation Fault". Very annoying. I reapplied an earlier security patch and Java now works again

Other ways to repair can be found here:

Brendon Upson, 2005-04-18

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