Microsoft is making some noise

by Volker Weber

In two weeks the spanking new Mac OS X "Tiger" will be on the shelves. Time for Microsoft to start making some noise around Longhornwait, that won't be out for another year. I would not be surprised if Apple already has the next cat lined up when Redmond finally delivers what is left of their next generation Windows (no WinFS, sorry).

There is one thing I am so looking forward to: Spotlight. Watch the demo. If you ever enjoyed Notes' full text search, imagine the same thing for everything on your computer.

Sorry, Windows users will have to wait another year. Or so.


hat Google da nicht die Desktop-Suche?

Ich gebs ja zu - ist nur Neid - ich spare immer noch auf mein Ibook

pierre kerchner, 2005-04-16

Spotlight ist genial, und Dashboard, und und und...

Auf Windows ist die beste externe Suchapplikation bis dato Copernic Desktop Search, benutze das täglich auf der Arbeit um in zig tausend Mails zu suchen.

Andreas Linde, 2005-04-16

Oder MSN Desktop Search, derzeit allerdings noch Beta.

Jörg-Stefan Sell, 2005-04-16

Und die MSD desktop search basiert auf Lucene.
I would say "Apache in the fort!"
;-) stw

Stephan H. Wissel, 2005-04-17

Rund 55MB Demo-Video, nicht schlecht. Aber die Suche kann trotzdem nicht mit einer intelligenten Bilderkennung suchen. Trotzdem neidisch, bei mir hat das nur Mozilla in Ansätzen.

Felix Albrecht, 2005-04-17 is excellent for Windows PCs, especially Outlook user who are lacking good search. From the same folks that brought you Lotus Magellan all those years ago.

Carl Tyler, 2005-04-17

Spotlight is definitely amazing, but it's not that there hasn't been anything like it available on Mac OSX. I've been using Quicksilver ( for quite a while now, and love its' simplicity. I never use the dock or the 'Go' menu anymore, a simple Command - Space fires up Quicksilver, you start typing and find anything on your Mac. (Curiously enough, Spotlight is tied to the same Command - Space key combination afaik ...). The main advantage of Spotlight will be the fact that it is a part of the OS, which means it can be accessed anywhere (e.g. from within Finder) and is blazingly fast, and the same applies to Dashboard (goodbye Konfabulator?). Quicksilver, and the PC search equivalents Google Desktop and MSN Desktop Search are separately launched applications, which need to maintain their own indexes and are probably not nearly as fast. One thing's for sure: a little more than a week from now, the Tiger will come to my Macs.

Pascal Frencken, 2005-04-21

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