Microsoft's choice

by Volker Weber

Microsoft is starting a new image campaign for a three year old product. Why are they doing it? Because its image is badly damaged by security holes, worms and viruses. If you download this really large picture from the Microsoft web site and take a look at the EXIF header, you will see how to really get the job done:



Thank you, I really needed something to make me smile today.

Declan Lynch, 2005-04-19

That's great! Heard in Wellington NZ today:
"Trustworthy computing ... isn't that just buying a Mac?"

Michael Sampson, 2005-04-20

Here, and I was thinking Microsoft only does business with ad agencies that are 100% standardised on their software.
Amazing now even the advertising world starts using the Mac, where is this world going to ....

Peter de Haas, 2005-04-20

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