Clear skies

by Volker Weber

We are having a blast in Hamburg. Excellent hotel, wonderful weather, friendly people and hours out in the sun. There will be a ton of pictures when we return.

There will be a Marathon tomorrow and Oliver is going to do the distance on roller blades. Since the weather should be as fine tomorrow we are going to take the harbour cruise in a small Barkasse. And probably walk the old Elbtunnel.

The big surprise for Monday is a black Mini Cooper that will let us tour the area. We are going to pick it up in the morning and return it at night.


I bet you'll enjoy the Mini. It's like driving a gokart. But most fun you can have with this car on country side streets with a lot of turns :-). I'm not sure where to find such streets in Hamburg...

Sven Semel, 2005-04-24

I did the full distance jogging... ouch.

Moritz Petersen, 2005-04-25

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