Home sweet home

by Volker Weber

Back home and online, some 210 photos later. Four days of sun, rain today. Not bad by Hamburg standards. The conference went well and I am looking forward to next week's event in Düsseldorf. In reaction to the feedback I beefed up my presentations a bit. Hope I can still hold it in 45 minutes. :-)

So how was Hamburg? Wonderful. I did not even cover 10% of my to-do list. Lots of places to explore when we return.


As far as I see, you both had an excellent time (great weather, less work). You did some standards which are absolut necessary for HH newbies: Landungsbrücken, Chilehaus, Round-trip thru harbor, Blankenese, "Altes Land" - fine. Specially the Rickmer Rickmers brought back some memories to several harbour birthdays I spent on the Independia :-)) BTW: The good old steam ship "Missisippi Queen" is a fake 120 %: It's driven by propeller... (2 x MAN 8 cyl.), the shovels are real fake :-) And I found another fake: Triumph is originally known as CAR-manufacturer :-) Another very old memory I thank for: the Russian submarine - greetz from "Klein-Adlergrund" (just for insiders). Interesting to see how the Speicherstadt resp. the old harbor has been developed: worth a one-day-trip!

Tip: photo 168 should be turned clockwise 90 degrees...


Wolfgang Schwerber, 2005-04-28

Volker, your girlfriend has really an eye for takings shoots.

Thorsten Ebers, 2005-04-28

Great pics!

Brian Benz, 2005-04-28

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