Nice and simple to-do lists

by Volker Weber

Ta-da lets you maintain simple to-do lists. You can make lists for other people or share them publicly. You can subscribe to lists with RSS.

Ta-da is free as in free beer for up to 10 active lists. It requires Internet Explorer 6.x, Safari, or Firefox. Why is it free? 37signals hopes you enjoy Ta-da so much that you upgrade to Basecamp.

This is a must have for people who work on more than one computer.

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For people working on more than one computer, like I do: You could try unison instead for all of your important files (not just todo lists). Uses SSH.

Kai Ruhl, 2005-04-30

Small, neat, free, online. I totally like this kind of service, thanks for the hint.

I have my pictures on flickr, my bookmarks on, my source code on a private CVS server which I share with some fellow students, my mail on my IMAP account and my to-do's on ta-da and I don't ever have to be afraid of harddisk failures again. Best thing is to have all those things accessible from any internet connected computer even though my 12" PB is with me most of the time.

Henning Störk, 2005-04-30

I am always worried that one of these site is closing down or changing to a paid subscription account, so I never use them.

At work to organise my projects, I use the opensource soft dotproject , a Web based project management tool, quite good. Version 2 is out since early april.

Alex Boschmans, 2005-05-01

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