Playing QT movies fullscreen

by Volker Weber

Apple in its infinite wisdom has decided to expire your Quicktime Pro licenses when you upgraded to Tiger. If you don't want to shell out another 30 bucks to play your movies fullscreen (yes, that is a "Pro" feature — gasp) here is a small AppleScript:

tell application "QuickTime Player"
present front movie scale screen
end tell

I would not be surprised if there are more "Pro" features that can be invoked from AppleScript.


remember where you heard it first ;-)

Dominik Wagner, 2005-05-08

I can't. Can you?

Volker Weber, 2005-05-08

There are a bunch of free full-screen QT Movie Players out there, too -- search .

Thom Rosario, 2005-05-09

iTunes 4.8 now plays .mov files in full screen mode. It doesn't seem to handle divx or anything else at the moment, and the movie controls are very crude.

I don't have any h.264 files handy to test with, but expect further developments from Apple. And look for the name iTunes to be replaced by something else ;-)

David Richardson, 2005-05-09

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