Blue screen doors

by Volker Weber

Engadget about the Wynn(dows) Casino:

... the entire architecture, from guest check-in to the rooms to the casino, runs on XP and is all interconnected. So if one system goes down, they all go down. Hmmm, any Linux fans want to take odds on what happens next? Well, it only took a few days before the slots crashed locking guests out of their rooms.

It isn't until Steve Wynn loses a few millions that the CIO is hanging by his balls outside the casino. [Snicker]


Here is a review on the hotel's technology:,1759,1813217,00.asp


Mitch Wolfson, 2005-05-09

naja....aber zu einem Boot hat es dann doch gelangt:

Noch Wortmeldungen ? ;-)

Alexander Schäfer, 2005-05-09

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