Dancing with the elephant

by Volker Weber

TC is right when he says:

Roxio won't gain many new friends with this update: Following discussions with Apple, this version will no longer allow customers to create audio CDs, audio DVDs, or export audio to their hard drive using purchased iTunes music store content.

Discussions with Apple? Sheesh.


Where's the problem? Just don't upgrade. Wouldn't know why I should anyway.

Stefan Rubner, 2005-05-11

The problem is that Apple forces an ISV to remove features.

Since I don't buy from the iTMS, I am not affected anyway. If I would buy from the iTMS I would convert to MP3 the next second and would also not be affected. Until Apple removes the capability to play MP3 which they probably won't do.

Volker Weber, 2005-05-11

@Stefan: The problem with 6.1 is that i also fixes a couple of Tiger-related incompatibilities. So i needed to upgrade.

@Volker: I don't like conversions from one lossy format into another lossy format. lossy + lossy = lousy. But the Toast thing is not too much of an issue because you can burn the DRM'd songs from within iTunes, of course.

I know that you systematically keep away from DRM'd music - which is slightly too anarchic from my point of view. Musicians should get the money they deserve (could be more compared to the labels and distributors, sure). Unless they publish their works under CC like with the recent CD from WIRED magazine.

I also don't buy much from iTunes. I prefer real CDs with uncompressed music. That's always the best foundation for ripping. BTW: Yahoo!'s new "Music Unlimited" offers 192 kpbs WMA - much higher quality than iTunes. I wonder when Apple'S gonna raise its bitrate...

Thomas Cloer, 2005-05-11

It looks like the music industry has successfully brainwashed a lot of people. Using an open file format without DRM does not mean the artists don't get their money. But it does prevent the customer from being told how and where he can play the music he has purchased.

I keep text in text files (and not in Office) and I keep music in MP3 files. And I have a whole lot more "real" CDs than MP3 files. However, I don't use them anymore.

BTW: I just chatted with Wolfgang. He buys music from the iTMS. And he likes it.

He can authorize three (?) computers. One of them just broke and has been replaced, obviously before it could be de-authorized. Minus one now. How long do you think will he be able to listen to the music he purchased. What will happen, when he longer can?

Do you seriously suggest he would stop buying from the iTMS if the music he buys is not DRM-ed?

Volker Weber, 2005-05-11

I don't feel brainwashed, my dear;-) Using an open file format without DRM DOES mean the artists don't get their money, because you can give the songs to all your friends then and put them up on P2P.

I also keep text in text files. And i still use my CDs - i still want the "haptic" experience (i should probably get back to Vinyl;-)

DRM is still in its early stages, sure - the broken PC that could not be de-authorized illustrates this perfectly. Also, there should be legal ways to privately sell music that you have bought online. It's gonna take some time to work these quirks out, but i think that is the way to go.

Thomas Cloer, 2005-05-12

I don't feel brainwashed, my dear;-)

Such is the nature of a really good brainwash. ;-)

you can give the songs to all your friends then and put them up on P2P

Guess what happens after Apple releases new tracks on the iTMS. Perfectly DRMed but does change a thing. It only hurts paying customers. And it will hurt you too. I'll send you a link when you cry. ;-)

It's gonna take some time to work these quirks out

I can see them working really hard on these issues. Let me turn this around: Name one copy protection scheme that a) has worked and b) has served the paying customer.

Volker Weber, 2005-05-12

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