My favorite car review

by Volker Weber


Look at this review (41.4 MB mpeg) of the Ariel Atom while it's still available.


Well, really one of the best car reviews I ever saw. With one of the greatest cars (I almost wanted a car which is as powerfull as a bike) and with the best reporter.
I saw already some other reviews of Mr. ??? (I don't know his name) of the Ferrari 360 and the Audi RS4 - really great.

Thanks vowe for the link!

Thomas Lang, 2005-05-14

>> Mr. ??? (I don't know his name)

Jeremy Clarkson on the BBC's Top Gear program.

John Keys, 2005-05-14

Imageine: this car and one day at the "Nürburgring" (old track) thru the "Grüne Hölle"... I would give my right arm for such a day!

Wolfgang Schwerber, 2005-05-14

So, I can buy your right arm for 30.000 GBP and keep the car after that day? :-)

Volker Weber, 2005-05-14

Yeah, nice ego shooter. But how exactly I get this thing to the place where I can ride it? You need a real car for that.

Martin Schroers, 2005-05-15

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