Additional thoughts on IBM blogs

by Volker Weber

A comment that Ed Brill made on Pete Lyon's site got me thinking:

This is still evolving thought -- by no means do I think that yesterday's published guidelines are going be static.

I have a few sources for this policy at IBM bloggers' sites but there is no place at IBM that I am aware of that has it for download. It will certainly be available internally but if IBM really wants to be transparent then this is a good exercise. I'd suggest:

  1. Create
  2. Publish your policy there
  3. Document version changes by keeping old copies in an accessible archive
  4. Allow IBMers to register their sites with a directory
  5. Make this directory available from
  6. Assign two editors to read those blogs and have them metablog on


I would be surprised if we see a central directory of IBM blogs. That would chip away at the impression (true or false) that IBM wants to create that postings on employee blogs will be personal and not official company positions.


Richard Schwartz, 2005-05-17

But the general availability of the guidelines and their previous versions is a very good idea indeed!

Ragnar Schierholz, 2005-05-18

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