Google Desktop Search goes Enterprise

by Volker Weber


.. and adds support for Lotus Notes E-Mail.



Does it only search local replicas? I cant find any documentation on the Lotus Notes bit of the search. It it only useful to me if it searches server based replicas.

Andy Mell, 2005-05-18

Is that a trick question? Google Desktop Search.

Volker Weber, 2005-05-18

Yes - all you can do is to enter a local mail.nsf-path and some other options to configure the plug-in.

Marius Neumann, 2005-05-18

Regarding the mail.nsf path, where do you configure that? Apparently, on the feature website you do not see Lotus Notes anymore included (cf. screenshot of Google desktop

Torsten Otto, 2005-05-18

Torsten, I'd suggest you click on "More>" which takes you to

Volker Weber, 2005-05-18

Volker, you are totally right, by accident I got the standard version after reading all the T&Cs.

Now, it's running but still I am wondering how the Notes mail is stored by Google (warning by Plug-in within Lotus Notes). More reading is certainly required especially on the security part.

Torsten Otto, 2005-05-18

As soon as you indexed your Notes mailfile you have no security on the mail contents anymore .... Anyone using your computer can read anything without having your ID file and password ... So I think this feature is currently unusable for most of the companies.

Michael Urspringer, 2005-05-19

You can choose to encrypt the Google cache, either by hand on an NTSF drive or using the Google enterprise administration capability.

Bill Wood, 2005-05-23

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