Apple Airport Express dropping off the network

by Volker Weber

What do you think Apple does with error reports in their forum? Admit that they have a problem? Forget it. They just delete the post. It now has happened a number of times, so I am posting my issues now here at vowe's magic flying circus to give Google an opportunity to catch it.


What's the deal? I think that the Apple Airport Express (AAX) is broken by design. It desperately needs a better way to communicate its current state. My AAX drops off the network while still displaying a green LED that says: "I am fine." However, it isn't. You cannot connect to it anymore. Unplug, plug back in and it works again. Rinse, repeat every dozen of hours or so.

This is the setup: AAX, Firmware 6.1.1, operating in client mode in a WEP-encrypted network, network configuration by DCHP, AirTunes enabled. This is the log file, shortly after the AAX has been running for 30 minutes.

Jan 01 01:00:00 Severity: 5 Joined BSS 00:06:25:c1:34:67
Jan 01 01:00:01 Severity: 5 Initialized (firmware 6.1.1 Dec 17 2004 12:19:18).
Jan 01 01:00:11 Severity: 3 No address for NTP server
Jan 01 01:00:14 Severity: 5 Internet configuration leased (host gateway dns1
May 22 11:07:20 Severity: 5 Clock synchronized to network time server (adjusted +1116752819 seconds)
May 22 11:28:10 Severity: 5 Deauthenticated with station 00:06:25:c1:34:67 (received invalid class-3 frame).
May 22 11:28:10 Severity: 5 Disconnected from network.
May 22 11:28:13 Severity: 5 Joined BSS 00:06:25:c1:34:67
May 22 11:28:21 Severity: 5 Internet configuration leased (host gateway dns1
May 22 11:57:14 Severity: 5 Connection accepted from
May 22 11:57:14 Severity: 5 Connection accepted from

It looks like it does indeed disconnect from the network and then tries to reconnect. If it fails to do so, it will still display a green light. Not good.


This is the setup: AAX, Firmware 6.1.1, operating in client mode in a WEP-encrypted network,

I have been running my AX at home for almost one year now. (thanks again for helping solving the IP issue at the time)

At the early stages, the "line dropping" problem was plaguing also me (particularly noticeable with Airtunes) untill I found that fixed transmission mode on one channel, rather than automatic, fixed that issue.

Now it works round the clock eversince, without dropping connection.

I am not sure if your setup is the same but perhaps this hint may help you.

Pieterjan Lansbergen, 2005-05-22

Our current theory is that the AAX drops the network because of DHCP issues. I have disabled DHCP in this profile now and will see whether that resolves the issue.

Volker Weber, 2005-05-22

I had lots of problems with my AirPort setup: Originally an old ELSA base station together with one Airport, two Airport Extreme and one Airport Express connected. Both the AirPort Express and one the AP Extreme-equipped Macs dropped off, and could only reconnect non-deterministicly from time to time ... Interestingly, Tiger seems to have improved this to a large degree - I haven't had any issue for about four weeks now.

Stefan Tilkov, 2005-05-22

(I forgot to mention that I swapped the ELSA for a "normal" AirPort base station in the hope that having an all-Apple setup would improvde things. It didn't.)

Stefan Tilkov, 2005-05-22

I've not noticed any problems with my AAX, also on firmware 6.1.1. and 128 bit WEP with DHCP (from another device) allocating its network address.

John Keys, 2005-05-22

Did you see this today - it may help?

John Keys, 2005-05-24

Case closed.

Volker Weber, 2005-05-24

I notice the last post was back in 2005 and it was Case closed. Could anyone tell me how they solved the problem. I too have the exact same problem, and I am using WDS, so I have a fixed channel and no WEP. I have tried DHCP and Static, Firmware 6.2 and 6.3 and still no luck. I agree with Volker, there does seem to be some fundamental flaw, so I phoned Apple Support and they said "it should not be dropping like that".

Pravin Bhudia, 2006-06-10

Did you click on "closed"?

Volker Weber, 2006-06-10

We have the same problem here with a network of five airport base stations at firmware 5.6
fixed IPs, WEP, each on a different channel. With anything from 1 to 15 day periods, a station stops accepting connections. Power-cycling brings it back. All five exhibit the same behaviour. I cannot get NTP to work at all, to internal or external time server.

Richard Crane, 2006-06-14

I got the same problem with AE, firmware v6.3, set in client mode to a D-Link DI-624 router (latter does not support WDS, hence AE in client mode), WPA2 security, except it does persist with static IP address set up on the AE

My home networking policy already includes giving static IP addresses to any permanently connected network device, namely because DHCP service implementation too often reveals flaky on all routers I tried from different vendors (LinkSys, D-Link & Netgear devices) sometimes giving out the same address to different clients, sometimes denying service altogether!)

I am disconcerted to see this is actually the recommendation the Case "closed" link above provides, since it does not work for me.

The AE stays actively connected for a few minutes, then drops out (ping's to the AE static address fail; the AE admin utility fails listing the device and rescans do not help; iTunes does not see the AE anymore...) ... but the green light stays on, as if everything was well! Silly!

Only AE power-cycling restores the connection, and that fix usually does not last more than 5 mn...

Anyone with the same issue? I was about to try setting DHCP client on the AE and reserve an address for it on the D-Link router, but after reading this discussion, that seems a move opposite to the solution :-(

I bought 3 of these AE devices to distribute around the house and none of them will stay connected (of course I am trying them individually before connecting them all.) I do not really want to use WDS on another channel as I got enough pain finding a clear one for my base, in a crowded neighborhood. It looks like they are all going back to the store unless I find a solution real quick (hint hint to Apple... ;-)

Thanks for any advice (or sympathetic message ;-)

-- Olivier.

Olivier Hurez-Martin, 2007-02-01


I have been having the same problem as you describe, however it is almost 3 years after your original post. Similar to another poster, I have 3 of these, where one is the main one, the other two are for speakers. I have rotated these, and yes all three exhibit the same problem.
Looking at the SNMP logs, I see the same error as you had "received invalid class-3 frame", hence finding your site on Google.
One difference between your set-up and mine is that I use "Connection Sharing: Off (Bridged Mode)", since I have another cable router that does the DHCP, and I have the same IP pool in both wired and wireless networks.

In my case, it is usually every day or so that I have to unplug the apple router. I have though about putting it on a timer even!
Tonight, I will try the suggestion of fixing the Channel, rather than using Automatic -- we'll see if that changes anything.

One person at a Mac store suggested that all 3 boxes could not possibly be broken, hence there may be something in my particular network (though I've tried so many permutations!). Perhaps it is with interference with the 5 other neighbour networks, he said.
Anyone tried putting tin-foil around their Airport to reduce the incoming signal strength?

Well, any further thoughts would be appreciated.


Lukas Chrostowski, 2008-01-29

Hey I have a PC laptop with winxp sp3 and bought 3 airport express because I love the audio capacities (and thanks to winamp not stuck with itunes :)) anyway the setup has been a real nightmare so far with exact same symptoms as described even though I have 7.3.2 firmware

DHCP is lost constantly and I thought my adsl routeur was responsible... but after my isp gave a brand new router i happened to notice that the airport is not handling DHCP correctly since when I connect over WIFI to my adsl router itself it works like a charm....

IF I connect to the airport.. I have various symptoms

- Loss of DHCP carrier with auto configured ip address after one hour
- Periodically My VDSL router hangs, i lose dsl and I have to reboot the router to have airport "functionning" again.....this happens almost once or twice an hour
- Loss of visibility of my airport express stations (i have 3)at various times during the day...

It is sad to notice over the various forums I browsed that being ALLMAC does NOT bring any improvement

Anyway I will try some of the previous solutions posted here on my own airport and keep ostingg

david blum, 2008-08-05

case closed what?

after 3 (THREE) years the problem was not solved! Thats ridiculous!
sorry for my english but I'm tired!

I'm using an AEBS(N) with an AEX(N) -with latest firmware- extending the N(b+g) network, the WIFI is unstable, for what I can see it stay up for 1 hour maximum, using the Mac is hardly noticeable (maybe because during the drop i'm not surfing) but now I have some external devices using WiFi (for example NabazTag, and remote surveillance robots) and they begin to flash at any hour because of the WiFi drop (and i need to power off and on all the devices, very funny).

I can confirm the AEBS drop the entire network also without computers connected (because I see the device's log and they flashes, and maybe I'm watching the TV..)
so isnt a problem of sites, or whatever...

Tryied DHCP on modem (note the ADSL is always alive), DHCP on AEBS, tryied all the channels, tryied static IP ... no way.

Apple, usual standard behavior, ignore the word "know issue".
Nothing sayd, nothing wrong, cool eh....

Gio Dal Negro, 2009-01-16

The (non-permanent) solution for me was to disable wireless security. Originally I setup my network with WEP and had lots of problems with dropped connections. I switch to WPA and had the same issues--a green status light but the printer attached to the AX wasn't visible to the network. Disabling wireless security on the wireless network resolved this... but I am not willing to run my network unsecured.

I know this is an old comment, but thought I'd share since it's near the top of the google results.

Dan Hal, 2009-02-08

I just wanted to weigh in to say that I have been having the same problem. I have been through Linksys, Belkin and D-Link routers. I am now using the AE because I have Macs and PCs that need to share the printer. I appreciate the ideas and am trying a couple out now. For the record you can disable security and hide the SSID of the router. It requires new wireless users to manually input the name of your network and makes it effectively invisible to anyone who does not know it is there.

Open the airport utility and select the "wireless" tab. Click on "wireless options" and check the box beside "create a closed network".

I do not use this configuration with the AE but have used it successfully with other routers. It has solved multi-platform problems related to negotiating wireless security.

Charlie Brent, 2009-04-19

So I have an old AE that I've used for years. No problem. Now suddenly it is doing exactly as you say - ie it drops after a matter of five minutes. Green light stays on. Can't be found by the airport utility. Its running the 6.3 version of the firmware.

I happened to have access to a newer AE with the n network and later firmware upgrades (7.4). And now it seems to work great.

So maybe the old hardware just died - but I don't somehow believe it as it still works for a few minutes - seems much more software like.

Maybe the latest versions of the software (itunes, airtunes etc) don't support the old hardware and you're expected to throw it away every few years and start over. But reading this I think something more fundamentally at the core of the AE is at stake.

I'd love to tinker with channels and constant IPs and all the rest, but given I can fix this by buying the latest Airport Express, I guess thats what I'll do. Somewhat grumpily. The alternative is days of changes and waiting for restarts and finding what you just tried doesn't work - which is even grumpier making.

Its amazing to me that a thread started in May 2005 is as relevant today (August 2009). How many technology topics can that be true for.....

George Ziipppp, 2009-08-10

August 30 - 2009. Still an issue.

I have had an AE for 3 years. In the last 4 months it has become very flaky with it's network connectivity. I have a Belkin -N Router and use the AE for iTunes connectivity to my sound system exclusively. I have tried all the combinations I can think of and most of those described in this and other threads. I am not willing to turn off security in my network for this issue. I can get all kinds of different products to play nicely together on my network. Wireless devices that are 5 years old to the latest in technology. Why is it that this Apple device cannot do it?

I found this thread that describes hardware issues with the Airport Extreme. Perhaps it is the same issue with the Express?

Is there an alternative product that will feed music wirelessly to your Audio system?

Mark Romanowski, 2009-08-30

BTW. This is the log from my AE.

Jan 1 00:00:01 5 Initialized (firmware 6.3).
Jan 1 00:00:15 5 Joined BSS 00:17:3f:3c:30:22
Jan 1 00:00:26 5 Internet configuration leased (host gateway dns1 domain Belkin lease 7776000).
Jan 1 03:34:52 3 Administrative access denied to ::ffff:
Jan 1 03:34:52 3 Administrative access denied to ::ffff:
Jan 1 03:34:55 5 Connection accepted from ::ffff:
Jan 1 03:35:01 3 Administrative access denied to ::ffff:
Jan 1 03:35:04 5 Connection accepted from ::ffff:

Why is it trying to get administrative access to my main computer? I don't have the log set to write anywhere? The ports it's trying to use are always different. Can anyone explain what the AE is trying to do here? The AE is not running the network. It's just joining it. There is only one Wireless network available. My neighbors are not that close.

Mark Romanowski, 2009-08-30

First off allow me to thank you Volker for taking the initiative to create this page. If there were to be a club for those like me who have waisted precious moments of their lives troubleshooting Apple related issues for which Apple really doesn't give a damn I would have to be its president....:-)

Having said that I have search the web for days trying to find a solution to the yet existing problem with the AE and have only found pain and frustration, it felt like walking threw the desert and all I could see were dead or dying bodies.

This is the first place where I seem to have found a solution that might work. I have removed the security and disabled the SSID and for the last hour my AE has held its connexion. I know this is not ideal and if I lived in a large city with many neighbors and potential snoopers I could not sustain this insecurity for long. But I have the privilege of living in a small village in Spain where I have only one neighbor that has a Wireless network and he does not keep it live all the time, only when he opens his computer. His presence though is not a threat to me as he has very limited knowledge of the Internet and if he does not see my network or for that matter even if he did I am not sure he would know how to connect to it even in its present open state.

if the connexion is lost today or whenever I will come back to report. Hopefully it will hold and hopefully one day before we all die Apple will have fixed this. I know though that the N norm which is what I am using is still not a standard and many companies have implemented versions of it and all devices are not fully compatible especially in the area of security so perhaps we are being a little too aggressive towards Apple because after all it takes two to tango and my N-Router is not an Apple router.

Oh but wait I did have an Apple Extreme N-based Router that I put away for storage because it kept dropping its connexion to the Internet but without dropping from the network......hahaha what a mess this Apple company!!!

Thanks again.

Jose Alonso Leon, 2009-10-12

I'm back after four days of trying out the suggested fix and to confirm that it was dead on. I tried removing all levels of security by setting up a fully open now password protected network. I obviously stopped broadcasting in order to avoid unwanted snoopers. It worked perfectly with absolutely no drops or disconnection from my Airpot Express. Then for a another full day I tried setting it up with WEP level encryption and this time broadcasted SSID. Same results, no drops all worked fine. Then I came back to WPA encryption and it lasted about an hour just until the point I was wondering, hummmm did something I am unaware of happen that it's holding the connexion? But no once it dropped, I reconnected and the constant drops kept happening. SO it looks like the various security levels that exist use different protocols and standards and not all equipments used share the same standards and I would add even with one manufacturer ie Apple Airport Extreme and Airport Express. I use a Linksys gateway WAG160N with an Apple Airport Express to share iTunes to remote speakers, and I have two computers on the network one is a MacBook Pro and the other a Sony Vaio PC. I have now taken up the recommended suggestion and stopped broadcasting my SSID removed all security as it also reduces the network speed when you have encryption and have renamed my network using a single character as inconspicuous as possible also to make it more difficult should there be snoopers in the neighborhood. It has been working flawlessly. Thanks again for the help in finding a solution that I will keep until I hear that the industry has adopted a common standard of encryption and that all hardware I use has had firmware upgrades made available.

Jose Alonso Leon, 2009-10-16

I also have the same problem with my Aiport Express and also haven't yet found a solution. I have it set up using WPA connecting to an Edimax 802.11n access point.

The solution of disabling security and stopping broadcasting your SSID is not a good idea. Standard windows clients can't find hidden networks but anyone who is looking around will easily be able to get on, and the thing is if they have the knowledge to find your hidden network the chances are they also have the knowledge to at least get your files, at worst sniff every piece of data you ever send including your precious bank account login details.

If the only option is to disable your security then you should use MAC filtering. This only allows clients that you have specified in your router to connect.

Firstly you need to get the MAC address of your Airport Express, this is called the "Ethernet ID" on the summary page of the Airport utility.

Then if your computer connects wirelessly you need to write down the MAC address of your computer:

PC: Start > All Programs > Accessories > Command Prompt > Type "ipconfig /all" (No Quotes), it's the bit called "Physical Address" under the Wireless Local Area Connection.

MAC: Applications > Utilities > Terminal > Type "ifconfig -a" (no quotes), normally under the en1: section called "ether"

Then log into your router, you are looking for a section within the wireless settings that should have a name something like "Access Control", "Access Control List", "MAC Filtering". Every make is different so it's a bit much to describe each one. Enter your MAC address in here and then disconnect/reconnect your client to see if it works.

After all that though I'm going to connect mine with a lan cable now!

Good Luck.

Paul Derbyshire, 2009-12-15

I am a grudging member of this fraternity. Everything describe here reflects my situation. I use my AX only to stream audio to my stereo, 10 ft away. Interesting to note is that I've only just begun to experience the dropping of the connexion after upgrading to a D-Link N router. Previously, I ran a Belkin G router that rarely, if ever, dropped the connexion as described.

I upgraded to the N standard after acquiring Comcast cable internet service. Its speedy signal seemed to be more than the G could handle not to mention allowing only 8Mbps throughput.

I also run Airfoil and am now running a trial to determine if it is simply an iTunes problem or if it is AX hardware-based. Thanks to all for all of their thoughts and experiences on the issue.

Mark Mordhorst, 2010-01-05


perhaps I have found a solution for some of you on this issue. I had also the problem that sometimes the AX disconnected from my network. It is used in bridge mode and several PC are connected over a switch to the AX. I observed while using a virtual PC on one of my PCs that during the virtual PC wants to get an IP address over dhcp the AX disconnect from the network. At this time an authentication failure appeared in the log file of my access point. Then I remember that the WLAN-Client-Filtering was enabled in the access point.

Now I disabled the client filtering, re-plugged the AX and restarts the virtual PC to trigger dhcp request and now the AX keeps connected.

It is possible that the AX and the access point get stuck after the dhcp lease has expired

I don't know if this will help the problem with airtunes, but I will test it in the next days.


Arne Petersen, 2010-01-25

I also have AXP problems and haven't found a good solution yet. The AXP is used just to stream my music to my stereo and it worked good for 5 or 6 months and stopped working consistently in November. When it loses connection with AirTunes the green light is still on and I can ping it fine but it won't connect to itunes and I lose control from the remote software on my iphone and itouch. I have tried different SSID, Encryption, changed location, doing hard resets etc. It also won't connect to the Airport Utility when this happens. I can access it remotely if I select Connect to Other in the Airport Utility however but the scan still refuses to see it!! I finally tried hard wiring it to my network and it STILL drops out. The only fix is to restart the device and wait until it comes up and Airport Utility sees it again. What a piece of crap! I have even tried reverting back to older firmware (before the problems) and reverting Itunes and Airport Utility back - No help! Any help on this would be appreciated. I too have a D-Link DIR-655 router and although it doesn't make any sense, I am going to try my old Belkin and see if that helps. After this it goes in the dumpster and I'll look for another product.

Randy Miles, 2010-03-13

I had the same symptoms, but a dumb cause for it.

I had a rogue time capsule that was handing out dhcp adresses sometimes, which were pointing to a non-existing gateway. After disabling that DHCP server all was smooth again.

Mariano Kamp, 2010-03-13

I am currently having similar problems: After about one hour my AE is loosing connection to the WLAN. Only Power cycling helps.

But this started to happen, when I made a firmware upgrade of my d-link dir-655 router (for security reasons!) to v1.31. Before that it had 1.03 I think. And no problems!

After reading the comments I just switched to fixed channel mode. I will get back here to post my experience.


Tim Vogel, 2010-03-21

I'll admit I haven't read all the comments but a few notes on this as of April 2010 ...

The newer N Wireless AE with current firmware 7.4.2 will still exhibit this behavior, of thinking it is connected when it is not accessible from Airport Utility or iTunes. Things that seem to be essential to get it to work:

1) Use WPA. You cannot use WPA2 in most configurations. (Olivier, for example, you can't use WPA2 with an AE and a D Link router.) See the Tech Specs page footnotes:

"When joining an existing wireless network, AirPort Express supports only WPA-Personal. WPA2 requires a Mac computer with an AirPort Extreme Card and Mac OS X v10.3 or later. "

2) If your Wireless G router has any 108mbps / Super G etc features, disable them, they seem to confound the AE and it won't use them anyway.

3) Check your computer firewall settings. Google for more info.

Also suggested above are the following, good to do and no harm in it:

4) Set a static IP on the AE

5) Set your router to a fixed channel

Not really sure if this matters, but wide channel isn't helping your network speeds anyway, so

6) Don't use 40mhz channels - set it to 20mhz

I have done all that and still see this behavior after changing my network setup to route the AE through an access point (to segregate the WPA clients from the WPA2 clients). I may have to reconfigure my network again.

Bob Shore, 2010-04-20

I have the same problem as many here have described - AXP drops the itunes music feed and won't show up on the configuration utility's scan. However, I can configure it by going straight to the IP address with the utility using the "Configure other" option. The light stays green the whole time, and I can ping it.

The only thing that restores the music stream is to restart the ROUTER (linksys wrt610n). Power cycling the AXP does not fix it. Restarting itunes does not fix it.

I have tried turning off the time check, setting static IP addresses on both my itunes computer and the AXP, disabling a variety of advanced features on the router. I have not tried disabling encryption because I find that unacceptable.

MY QUESTION: Because of the behavior of having to restart the linksys router to fix this, I am considering flashing my router with DD-WRT instead of the linksys firmware. Has anyone tried this? Can anyone confirm if they still have this problem both before and after a switch to dd-wrt?

Kevin Coe, 2010-04-20

I solved my Linksys/Airport Express issues by changing the advanced settings on the Linksys as described in my blog entry here:

Mine has been rock solid since I made the change. Hope this helps!

Michael Waldron, 2010-11-03

Solved my issues by buying a new netgear WNDR3700 router and setting up the 5ghz radio as WEP. I'm not happy with this solution, but at least it works solidly.

For me, the key variable definitely seems to be the encryption selected.

Kevin Coe, 2010-12-31

Hi there,

Old page, but still usefull!!!

I own a AEX G series.... I used it in various configuration, successfully.
But recently, I had the same problem as reported by you guy: the AEX loosing the connection after a few minutes, disappearing entirely, even not visible with the airport utility... I reseted the unit several times, even flashing the firmware...

Reading your comments led me to find a solving solution.
First, I am in France, with Free ISP which is providing his clients with a Freebox (homebrew router, linux based..).

WiFi was encrypted with WPA (TKIP+AES), with DHCP server.
First, I put a permanent IP address to the unit (but chaged nothing on the router side. The connection kept alive more time than before. But died anyway.

Then, I went through the router config:
- added the unit to the list of MAC adress permanent lease
- changed encyption for WPA TKIP only
- Reset the AEX unit and selected the permanent address.
Rebooted the damn thing.

ANd now it has been working with iTunes for 3 hours with no drop.

I thank that I fixed my problem: the mac laptop, the PC with iTunes, Airfoil and iPhone can connect to my AEX....
I will try to revert to the WPA TKIP+AES encryption to see whether it is working or not and let you know....

Valery Norrant, 2011-02-06

Hi Valery,
keep us posted.

I have three airport Express devices with latest firmware, with fixed IP, connected over wireless. Some days ago, pinging two of three AXP devices, no result, and suddenly he was back online. Response from ping. This without rebooting or doing anything on my network.

Also today I lose connection with all my devices. But even after 16h no automatic recovery. Other non-Airport Express devices on my network were still accessable. Only solution: cut-off the power of my AXP and reboot.

I will do some addditional testing eg wired connection.

Koen Reynaert, 2011-03-15

Will also add that I am amazed that such an old post is still relevant/helpful today.

I have 2 x airport express units - one 802.11n running 7.5.2 which rarely drops out and one G running 6.3 which seems to have an issue with my new Billion 7800N router.

I have a macbook Pro, iPhone 4 and an old Dell laptop that all work flawlessly but the older airport express now drops out after random periods of time. Light stays green but can't ping it or see it using the Airport Utility. Very odd and definitely coincided with the installation of the Billion router (a great bit of kit btw).

Any ideas? I have now tried changing channel from 1 to 10 to see if that helps. I've tried both static IP and DHCP and both have the same results - as above.

James Harrison, 2011-06-08

I have had similar problems for over a year now. Last week, I opened the AirPort Utility and started to hunt through every possible option. Choosing Manual Setup, I then clicked on the second icon on the top row "Internet" and then in the submenu row of buttons, I selected DHCP. Next comes what I think has solved my problems: "DHCP Lease" was set to 12 hours. I don't know why this would do anything, and maybe it's not the problem, but I switched it to 9999 days and my internet hasn't gone out yet. Fingers crossed.

Arne Petersen, on 2010-01-25, mentioned this possibility.

Joe Oregon, 2011-09-15

Hi there.

I have the very same issue. I use an iMac with iTunes, airpot express just to stream music, and an adsl router tp-link model W8961ND.

After reading all your posts, well, tried everything, and nothing... until retrying a fixed IP, forced the channel 11, and no security. It seemed to work (1 hour with no interruption, which is a lot in comparison to what I had). So I tarted adding security (WPA and TKIP, and hidden SSID) and another hour of streaming music so far.

But I wanted to tell you that I tried that before with no success. The only difference now is that I've been using my IMAC with no interruption. So I'm starting to think the cuts are related to some sort of stand-by of the iMac, causing applications (iTunes and airport utility) to lose connection to AX.

What do you think?
Will let you know if I confirm that.

tweet to: @eilc_74

Enrique Loyola, 2011-12-28

Nope... the audio is cut after 70 minutes.
I'm about to give up after days trying to solve it.

tweet to: @eilc_74

Enrique Loyola, 2011-12-28

Joe Oregon has the same solution I figured out awhile back... the DHCP lease renewal was the culprit. Max it out and watch her hum again :)

David Baisley, 2011-12-28

Hi David. Thnks for the advise.
How do you do that? I have not found any option like that.

Though It seems it is solved (3 hours till now with no cuts). Just changed n to g, and voilà.
But, If I can return to n and test your suggestion, then that would be better.

tweet to: @eilc_74

Enrique Loyola, 2011-12-29

I have a new Apple TimeCapsule and 2 Airport Express units... all 802.11n. I am trying to use one of the AE units to extend the network within our house. The TimeCapsule is checked to "allow extend network". When I set the the AE to "extend wireless network" it won't re-set, flashes amber and is not seen in the Airport Utility window. If I re-set it manually (with a paperclip) if re-appears and shows green...but only if I un-check the "extend network" option.

Israel Charo, 2012-05-15

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