Palm, the artist formerly known as Palm

by Volker Weber

A bit of history: Palm split into palmOne (handhelds) and PalmSource (OS). palmOne at the same time took over Handspring and inherited their Treo line of smartphones.

Back to the future: palmOne now bought all the rights for the Palm brand for 30 million from Palmsource. PalmSource needs money, since they are not doing too well. Their new OS 6.0 has not been used for a single device. palmOne is still using 5.4, Sony has dumped PDAs and there is hardly anyone left to license the OS.

Next step: palmOne will once again assume the name Palm. All devices that come out in the fall will be branded with the old name.

From my clouded crystal ball: Second next step - Palm will go full circle and take over PalmSource.

Also, I do know people who swear they have seen a Treo running Windows.


Yes, yes, and Apple will finally switch to Intel CPUs ... ;-)

Christian Bogen, 2005-05-24

Christian, Apple has been using Intel chips for a while. You should not read too much into the wishful thinking that Apple pundits publish.

Volker Weber, 2005-05-24

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