Messerschmidt ME 109

by Volker Weber

This is the only one that flies. If you want to see it, visit the Flugtag 2005 in Oppenheim this weekend.

More warbirds and pictures from the airshow.


Thanks for posting this; I have to point some friends to your pictures.

I read Willi Heilmann's "I Fought You From The Skies" [American title; German title is "Alarm Im Westen"] as a teen, and felt great empathy for the pilots of these craft. I built countless models of this and the Focke-Wulf.

There's an ME-262 rotting on the lawn at Willow Grove Naval Air Station in Pennsylvania, or was when I left NJ ten years ago. I hope someone undertakes to preserve it with the care this ME-109 has obviously been lavished with.

Garret P. Vreeland, 2005-05-27

I would love to have a go flying an old plane like that.

Carl Tyler, 2005-05-27

Garret, it was rebuilt from parts.

Carl, there is exactly one plane flying. Four people know how to fly it. Three of them own the bird. Fat chance they let you fly it. ;-)

Volker Weber, 2005-05-28

What a beauty - would love to see her fly!

Colin Williams, 2005-05-29

That is awesome! Thanks for posting this.

Lisa Giovanni, 2005-05-31

Saw a flying Me 109 last week at Duxford not sure if its the same plane. The colour scheme is different mottled cameflage with a snake insignia. Tried to put a picture here but couldn't.

Graham Mulrooney, 2007-07-17

As you all kow this, the BF-109 ruled the skies over Europe until..the arrival of the P-51 Mustang. Which saved my father's life while performing convoy escort duties 30 kilometer of off Tunis, 1944.

On April 20, 1944 the Luftwaffe unleased an unprecedented attack on my
father's convoy bound for Bizerte. Fifty JU-88's attacked the S.S. Paul Hamilton, a supply ship, blowing her out of the water and killing all onboard. Then came wave after wave of Me-109's and Ju-87's. For three
days the Luftwaffe maintained their relentess attack on the convoy.

The convoy reached is destination, Bizerte, resupplied the Allied Forces
which subsequently defeated Rommel....................Beautiful shot of a powerful warbird.................

charles melton, 2008-11-29

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