It's "Make your own caption" time

by Volker Weber



The next generation - water cooled. ;-)

Matthias Leonhardt, 2005-06-03

Johnny having learnt that his Grand Dads heart was weak, and he was in line to get one thosands pounds inheritance upon his death, decided to take things into his own hands in order to afford his new bike.

Carl Tyler, 2005-06-03

Having spent all day reading Spy vs Spy, Johnny got a little confused separating reality from comic books.

Carl Tyler, 2005-06-03

Bill Gates Sr. gets a hands on demonstration of workflow from Bill Jr.

Vilhjálmur Helgason, 2005-06-03

Scandal! First pictures of "Star Wars VII - The Showdown" reveiled! Luke Skywalker Sr. ambushed by Luke Skywalker Jr. after being captured by the Power of the Dark Side - again.

Marius Neumann, 2005-06-03

@Boy: thanks for this good idea ...

Dagmar Winter, 2005-06-03

The rather dodgy architecture, the spare tyre on the seated gentleman, the cluttered look of the space outside, the obligatory satellite dish and high gain aerial (for DVB) - this has got to be a suburban English scene and I claim my prize!

John Ash, 2005-06-03

© "Master of shutter lag"

Ole Saalmannn, 2005-06-04

"Birth of a thrillseeker..."

"Johnnie has yet to learn that his actions have consequences; this is about to change..."

"Tired of the 'beer-soaked old man stench' coming from Grandpa, Timmy takes matters into his own hands..."

"Frankie has had enough of Grandpa's 'Pull my finger' jokes..."

Rocky Oliver, 2005-06-05

John - don't forget the washing line and the wall mounted hosepipe... Which is seldom used, because despite rainfall rivaling the Amazon rainforest, there'll be another hosepipe ban this summer!

Andy Rose, 2005-06-05

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