Back home safely

by Volker Weber

Prestwick - Hahn

For five hours that is. Then I have to leave for Frankfurt to cover an interesting trial. And on to Hannover for the IBM Lotus Technical Forum a.k.a. the 22nd DNUG conference. Posting may be sparse again in the next days.

The travel to and from Scotland was uneventful. We were very late at check-in both when leaving and returning. I believe nobody else checked in after us. We were also very quick to leave the airport. (Hint: Sit in the last row. RyanAir bords through the door in the back as well.) So we were the first people at the rental desk in Prestwick and were out of the airport within 10 minutes after touchdown. The same was true for Hahn, were we caught the shuttle to the parking lot just before they closed the door. I know, I know: He who lives faster is finished earlier. :-)

Thanks, Nick and Maggi. We had a wonderful time!


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