by Volker Weber

Jens Alfke writes:

Cool, I’ve finally been Microsofted ! I’ve long been aware of MS’s penchant for copying Apple, but this is, I think, the first time it’s happened to something I myself worked on (unless there’s a Stickies ripoff in XP already?)

As others have already noted, the in-browser RSS/Atom support Microsoft has announced with great fanfare for the increasingly-vaporous Longhorn is pretty much identical to the Safari RSS (aka Syndication.framework) I work on, which Apple shipped this spring in Mac OS X 10.4 “Tiger”. Same “RSS” button in the address bar, same feeds-as-bookmarks, same cross-app data store.

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Even the BBC sensationalised this story (although they did at least pay lip service to the RSS integration in Firefox and Safari):

BBC: Microsoft makes web feeds easier.

Yup, good old MS, innovators to the core...

Ben Poole, 2005-06-28

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