by Volker Weber


Gestern bei Live 8, heute wieder in meinem Ohr: Shine On You Crazy Diamond. Nein, das haben sie gestern nicht gespielt.


The "crazy diamond" (Syd Barrett) wasn't with them, unfortunately. "Astronomy Domine" would have been a pleasant touch. It was nice to see Waters and Gilmour on the same stage again, though.

Stan Rogers, 2005-07-04

I went to see Waters when he comes to Chile some years ago, and with no doubt my whole life dream was to see the band together and playing all that goodies we enjoy everytime.

I love Pink Floyd (in fact my blogs name is "Just Another Blog in the Web" as a memorial). I couldn't make it there this time. May be the next .


Alex Hernandez, 2005-07-04

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