A phone call

by Volker Weber

As Errol Rose made preparations on Monday to bury his 15-year-old son, Christopher, who was killed last week in Brooklyn during a fight over an iPod, he received a telephone call from a stranger. The man spoke in tones that the grieving father said had momentarily quieted his anguish.

The stranger, Mr. Rose soon learned, was Steve Jobs, chief executive of Apple Computer, the company that makes the iPod.

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I found a corresponding news on cnn:


Sascha Westphal, 2005-07-06

Login for New York Times is always here.

Volker Weber, 2005-07-06

That CNN article made me want to throw up. Well, it's not the article in itself, it's the ad that makes up the last sentence - at least visually. Same font, same color: "How about an iPod made of wood? Click here ..."

Frank Dröge, 2005-07-06

"How about an iPod made of wood? Click here for details." - Das Ende des CNN-Artikels ist etwas unglücklich...

Benjamin Nickel, 2005-07-06

Luckily, that ad did not appear when I read the article.

Publicity stunt or not, it was a nice thing to do. Good on ya, Mr. Jobs.

Rocky Oliver, 2005-07-06

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