ME 109 destroyed

by Volker Weber

Do you remember the Messerschmidt ME 109 that I photographed at the end of May? About three weeks ago my phone was ringing and I had an inquiry from Paul Verhoeven, yes the Paul Verhoeven. He was looking for a ME 109 that was still flying because he needed one for his next project. I referred him to the owners of this bird, and I have never heard anything since. Of course I did not expect to.

Today I have learned that the Messerschmidt has been destroyed this weekend. Now there is not a single one flying anymore.


That's sad - as described, the accident is very similar to what put paid to many of these planes in the 1940s - a very tricky machine to land and take off.
Very pleased that the pilot did not get badly hurt in this!

I wonder if any of the Spanish license-built planes are still going? The Hispano HA-1112 equipped most of the advanced training squadrons of the Spanish air force well into the 1960s, there must be a few kicking around still.

Nick Daisley, 2005-07-18

Apparently the plane can be repaired, all spare parts are there, they only need sponsors and the bird will be soon flying again. Volker, what’s about your platform?

Wolfram Votteler, 2005-07-18

"soon" is unlikely. There were 4 working on it and that takes time ...

Martin Hiegl, 2005-07-18

Stuttgarter Zeitung from today: Siegfried Knoll, the pilot, said, there almost only damage to the bodywork, the plain structure is still ok, not even the oil cooling was damaged. We don’t know if we will be able to finance the repair without the help of a sponsor.

Wolfram Votteler, 2005-07-18

Well if Paul Verhoeven wants one for a movie, then I'm sure they could spend some of the movie budget on getting the plane flying again. It'd be a drop in the bucket for the average movie these days.

Marcin Szczepanski, 2005-07-19

That was exactly my thought.

Volker Weber, 2005-07-19

Being a pilot myself I can tell you that those things may happen indeed, no matter how carefull you are however, I wouldn't like to be in Siegfried Knoll position in this moment.
For sure he is not a happy man...

Pieterjan Lansbergen, 2005-07-19


I was the pilot who built the plane and damaged it later: Damage is not severe. I'm in the process of restoring it to flying condition. If Paul Verhoeven still needs a 109 he can count on it in about 10 to 12 months.

best regards,

Siggi Knoll

P.S.: for further information please contact me via my email-adress

Siegfried Knoll, 2005-09-11

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