Park your car

by Volker Weber

Here is a little contest. How long does it take you to parallel park your car? Carl says 2.9 seconds. I stopped at 42.


parking diagonally in a parallel universe.

somehow i am unable to park that thing, glad i have other types of parkinglots at my house ;)

Sascha Reissner, 2005-07-19

2hrs 37min - no fuel left - what now?

Peter Fisch, 2005-07-19

no wonder, vowe's preferred urban transportation vehicle (say "car") is a Smart... He's able to park ANYWHERE :-))

Wolfgang Schwerber, 2005-07-19

21 sec. - after i realized that full contact parking is possible. before that shortest was about 30 min.

Sven Scholz, 2005-07-19

Full Contact Parking aka Parisian Parking? :-)

Carl Tyler, 2005-07-19

I hate parallel parking!
Can't do it in real life and didn't manage in this game.

Nick Cariss, 2005-07-19

but you get points off for hitting the cars... i got down to 14 seconds with 7 hits after my 4th try or so, but then i figured this would suck up the entire day.

Kevan Emmott, 2005-07-19

I don't know HOW Carl got 2.9 seconds...

My best was 3.96 with a score of 117.45. Now, I haven't been successful at this, but has anyone tried to park the car facing in the opposite direction?


Chris Toohey, 2005-07-20

Maybe it was 3.9? I've managed in the fours plent of times, but never a 2.9 again, I am beginning to doubt myself now.

Carl Tyler, 2005-07-20

No it was 2.9 just managed it once more, the key is to get it to reverse in so you don't have to drive forward again, and also a key is that you don't need full lock.

carl Tyler, 2005-07-21

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