Goyal out, Rhodin in

by Volker Weber

Ambuj Goyal is now General Manager of DB2 and Mike Rhodin will head Lotus. You heard it here first.

[Attention IBM police: Ed is in Australia and probably sound asleep]


Why is Ambuj out? Was he not delivering for IBM/Lotus as GM?

Bruce Elgort, 2005-07-19

... or is this a Lotus conspiracy to bring the rest of IBM into line? Hmm?

Stan Rogers, 2005-07-19

Bruce, it's more that DB2 now needs Ambuj more than Lotus does.

Volker Weber, 2005-07-19

Well, many thanks to Ambuj for helping turn around our beloved Lotus. His leadership has had a tremendous impact on the revival of confidence in the direction for the Lotus suite. I know nothing of Rhodin, so I guess I need to do a little research.

Joe Litton, 2005-07-19

Yikes. Well, you cant keep a good man down.

And Mike Rhodin leading Lotus ? very very good news indeed.

Just means I cant flick croutons over his nose into his wifes Salad at next Lotusphere...

---* Bill

Bill Buchan, 2005-07-19

Ambuj brought us a long way - we will miss him!

But Mike Rhodin is a great speaker and can really help Lotus.

If this is all true.

John Carini, 2005-07-19

Perhap's it's splitting hairs, but according to Reuters Ambuj will be in charge of more than DB2....


Brian Benz, 2005-07-19

Lotus und Rational have short names. The other parts of the software group have funky names, that I can't remember. I call them DB2, Tivoli and Websphere.

Volker Weber, 2005-07-20

Did Ambuj deliver on anything during his reign? He came in during Notes 6 release...

Sal Dejacamo, 2005-07-20

@Sal - you must be joking, right? Notes/Domino 7 is weeks away; the strategy for Notes long-term has been announced and committed to; the ENTIRE Workplace family of products and solutions debuted during Ambuj's time. And the financials for Lotus have improved substantially. I'd say he was an excellent leader for Lotus and DB2 is going to be glad to have him.

Ed Brill, 2005-07-20

@Ed - Thank you, I do understand that. Though he did come in during the Notes 6 release and we are on the Notes 6 release today. And now he is moved to run DB2...

Here is hoping Notes 7 is a huge release (will people make jumps to it's main new feature - the DB2 backend?)... and except for Hannover screenshots, I haven't been lucky to see the Workplace successes that you have.

Sal Dejacamo, 2005-07-20

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