vowe's got a brand new toy

by Volker Weber

Two weeks ago I solved a very serious problem for a friend of ours. It took me two days to get it finally done. And it would have been worth weeks of work. Usually I do this kind of work pro bono. I have done this many times when I created web sites for friends or when fixing their computers, installing software for them or giving away computers I no longer needed. My friends say "thank you", or "vowe is a good mother". I tell them to pay forward, i.e. do good things to other people.

This time something extraordinary happened: I was paid back. With something I have been longing for for quite a while. A folding bike with full suspension and excellent components as you find them on a racing bike. It is tiny when folded, so it will fit in both our cars:


Folding it takes only a few seconds as you can see in this video. And this is what it looks like when it is assembled. This is by far the best bike I ever owned. Thank you ever so much. For the bike and for the recognition of my work.


[x] send pics driving with it ;)

Beate Paland, 2005-07-19

Hey, Volker,

in order to prevent dirt to get into the trunk of your car, I suggest putting it in a 15" notebook bag while not in use :-)

congrats to this nice little gimmick!

Armin Roth, 2005-07-20

Now I know that was the real reason for not wanting a mini. Nice toy. What will be the right colour for a helmet?

Wolfram Votteler, 2005-07-20

After watching the video, only one thing I would suggest, mark the pipe of the saddle so you know when you unfold the bike which was the right and comfortable heights of the saddle.

Wolfram Votteler, 2005-07-20

It is marked. And it does fit into the Mini trunk.

Volker Weber, 2005-07-20

Still waiting for Utes pictures while you are riding that bike.
Please ...

Olaf Boerner, 2005-07-21

Waiting for the pictures, too!

Joerg Richter, 2005-07-21

I was a little afraid that when I clicked on "new toy", you were referring to that bouncer stool... :-)

Thomas Duff, 2005-08-03

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