CSS box model hack alternative

by Volker Weber

Check out trick # 6 in this list of CSS tricks.

On a slightly related note, Microsoft urges developers to prepare for IE 7. This can only mean one thing: The next version is going to be as broken as the other ones. If it would just render the standard, there would be no need to prepare.

Microsoft, please, it is really easy. Make IE 7 adhere to the web standards. Make it compatible with Firefox, Mozilla and Opera. Web developers will start to respect you.


Volker, we all don't understand that Microsoft is optimizing the ugly standard. They do it to make the internet for all users more useful. The standards are not innovative enough so MS has to enhance it with special proprietary functions and behavior of IE. And as MS is doug all this selfless things to the community all the other Browsers should include this way of rendering in their Browsers...don't forget only MS knows what's good for us...

Damned can't include the ironic tags ;-)

Sven Semel, 2005-07-22

If you create a more or less complex site, the CSS grows due to MSIE5/6 workarounds. So far, I've decided to use some html tables (uh!) for the base layout to avoid many weird IE bugs and workarounds in the CSS. In these tables I use css of course for positioning, layout, ...
To be honest: I've never believed that MS would improve the IE in the way being more compatible to the web standards since they always were arrogant regarding this matter (and other matters, too...).

As I've seen the announcement of IE7, I (as many others) thought: where is the innovation? Nice that they are going to include (copy) tabbed browsing, rss support, etc. Which non-MS-browser does not support these announced features (except these proprietary "features" as not to support web standards)?

Well, many successful companies focus on core business, and outsource non core business. Microsoft does not. Yet another GE like company. I still miss Microsoft fridges, microwaves, etc.

Michael Schmid, 2005-07-23

On the other hand, I've seen a lot of folks complaining about IE just to find out that they still didn't use a proper DOCTYPE to make sure IE isn't in quirks-mode. A lot of CSS issues with IE6 go away when not in quirks mode. So, if you're scratching your head now, you're probably one of those candidates... ;-)

Thomas Gumz, 2005-07-23

Perhaps they are on the right way.

Beate Paland, 2005-07-23

Could you imagine the fallout if MS went the standards route? Poor web rendering (perceived) is one reason why more people haven't switched to something like Firefox. Even though it's standards-based, many consumer websites are coded for IE (or with IE products...). If MS went with standards with IE7, there would have to be a lot of re-development.

Chris Whisonant, 2005-07-23

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