Mercedes Mixed Tape 08 is out

by Volker Weber


15 free MP3 tracks from Alpaca Heads, Aztec Productions, Bennson, Colonel Red, Cordclub, D'Nell, Flow, Flowarea, Jessica Johnson, Kantorka, Low Budget Soul, Luis, Nikakoi, Roy Ayers, Solar Apple and Quarktette.

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[via Manfred]


and yet another great compilation.

I was checking their site just yesterday to see if a new one was already released. Seems I was a few hours early :)

Kay Satirli, 2005-07-26

Kay, you can subscribe to their newsletter, they will inform you immediately whenever a new Mixed Type is released. The link is located at the bottom of the mixed tape site. I just do not yet have a script / agent which downloads the files automatically whenever I receive such e-mail :-)

Michael Schmid, 2005-07-26

Well, the odd thing is - I subscribed. I think I just never completed their 2nd check cause I never received mail.

And yes, I think they should provide the link in XML form, so that podcatching software could grab it...

Kay Satirli, 2005-07-27

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