Kiss your baby's belly button and go to jail for six month

by Volker Weber

Charbel Hamaty was charged with sexually assaulting his newborn son, and Teresa Hamaty was arrested for taking sexually explicit pictures. The couple describe the ordeal as a "nightmare" that started over a roll of film that Charbel Hamaty dropped off at a north Raleigh Eckerd. The photo that raised alarms shows a naked Kristoff, now 16-months-old, getting a kiss from his father on the belly button, Teresa Hamaty said.

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These are the sorts of things that scare the heck of me as a parent. I know that it is possible to misinterpret, and nobody wants to be the social worker who ignored signs sexual abuse and later reads about a child's rape or murder, but taking kids away from their parents should require a higher burden of proof than a photo which probably matches many every parent has. I certainly have pictures of my newborn children naked, and I almost certainly have pictures of my kissing them while naked or blowing raspberries on their stomachs or any of the wonderful things parents do with their infants. Did it really take an "expert" to detect that there was no criminal intent? Are we living in a world where only the "experts" count? Sheesh!

Ben Langhinrichs, 2005-07-27

Expert schmexpert. Self appointed god in some cases actually.

Chris Linfoot, 2005-07-28

well, my english should be better, i know...
Wenn ich das lese und dann damit vergleiche, wie in Deutschland mit Männern umgegangen wird (nämlich straffrei!), die nen schweren sex. Mißbrauch an Kindern in Deutschland gestehen, könnt ich ausrasten...
Wer ALLEN Eltern pädophile Gedanken unterstellt, wenn sie ihr Kind küssen, der hat wohl zu heiß gebadet.

Dagmar Winter, 2005-07-28

The lack of common sense ...simple logic these cases is incredible. AND this is all the more reason why one should use a digital camera! Is it this insane everywhere - is there such a lack of common sense - or is this type of lunacy only found here in USA?

Joe Litton, 2005-07-28

its is fine to blow on baby's bellybuttons. I use to get my blow on all the time.


chris meadows , 2005-08-24

Kissing a baby's belly and charging sexual abuse is as about as stupid as the incident where a little boy kissed a girl and was charged with sexual harrasment.

Fred Thomas, 2005-10-16

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