Scoble found his master

by Volker Weber

How do you turn a bug in a limited-circulation beta used by just a few thousand people into a full-blown PR crisis that entertains millions?

Simple. You just hand a keyboard to Robert Scoble.

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This story did make me laugh. Mr. Scoble single-handedly turns a molehill into a mountain, doing the usual “Scoble thing” along the way.

Ben Poole, 2005-07-29

You do realize that email was fabricated, right? Feel free to call me about this. 425-205-1921.

Robert Scoble, 2005-07-30

But the real brouhaha is here (nice permalink), not this email, surely? I still think it’s all a fuss about nothing, that should have been left well alone. Everyone knows what The Register is like (aside from being often just very very funny).

Anyway, good to see that Orlowski updated his story once several readers pointed out he probably didn’t want to say ...This morning he was even more empathetic. [sic]

Ben Poole, 2005-07-30

Ben, his story still contains tons of false facts and a hugely misleading headline. Hope that helps. Here's a list:

Robert Scoble, 2005-07-30

The list of Orlowski's false facts.

Robert Scoble, 2005-07-30

Volker, this is much more entertaining than the best 'Make Your Own Caption' pictures. Can we have more in the future, please?

The Scobleizer seems to be posting more on other people's blogs than his own lately (well, if it really was Scoble, and not a imposter).

David Richardson, 2005-07-30

P.S. Trust a Microsoft employee to create a distinction between 'false facts' and, presumably, 'true facts'. Are there other kinds of facts that we haven't heard about, yet?

David Richardson, 2005-07-30

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