This is how IBM locks DB2 in Domino 7

by Volker Weber

Take a look at the Admin Help of Domino 7 beta 4 and you will find something interesting:

DB2 key for access to Domino 7 with DB2

To enable Domino 7 with DB2, use the "DB2 key" that allows access to Domino 7 with DB2. For Microsoft Windows platforms, use NDB2KEY.DLL; for IBM AIX platforms, use libdb2key_r.a.

Add the DB2 key to the Domino Program directory. The default Domino Program directory on Microsoft Windows is C:\Program Files\Lotus\Domino; the default Domino Program directory on IBM AIX is /opt/lotus/ibm.

For more information about the DB2 key, contact your IBM representative.

The beta will let you use DB2. Me thinks this text is not supposed to be in the beta doc and only applies to the final release. Depending on how fast IBM fixes this you may want to take a screenshot.

[Thanks, Mike]


Yes, you're correct, the final implementation of NSFDB2 will use a key for access. But the key will be generally available, not restricted. More details soon.

Ed Brill, 2005-07-30

... after signing a check payable to Ed Brill ... :-)

Volker Weber, 2005-07-30

No more checks to Ed after the high handed "code of conduct" pushed out recently.

Andrew Pollack, 2005-07-30

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