Marketing genius at work

by Volker Weber

Playing with the LifeDrive I just discovered an application on the software CD that accompanies the product. It solves a glaring omission of the Files application on the LifeDrive. WinFile LT lets you access files on SMB shares across the WiFi network.


It works rather nicely and you may be tempted to buy the full product rather than the LiTe version. However, some marketing genius has decided the customer needs a bit of bullying. Before you can connect to a share, you have to enter your credentials and this genius has decided that you can only use the option to save a password after registering the free product (or the one you just bought with your LifeDrive):


When you decide you want to do that, you get a form that has all the spam options coveniently switched on. Let's hope the customer is stupid enough not to ask for your valuable messages:


OK, now let's get over this and fill in two fields, uncheck the two boxes and hit register. The program connects to the networks, attempts to post the form and fails miserably:


This of course is an engineering problem, isn't it, Mr. Marketing Genius? What do you think solves the problem faster? Talking to your company or getting a "fixed" copy of your software from the internet? Can you beat 10 seconds?


You have just reminded me to rip Supertramp's "Paris" to my iPod before I leave for the holidays... ;)

Frank Koehntopp, 2005-07-31

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