Scoble still building up that mountain

by Volker Weber

Remember this story? It does not seem to be over yet. Andrew Orlowski of The Register only needed two bullets whereas Scoble is firing all over the place, giving Orlowski plenty of reason to snicker:

A Microsoft employee has won the Oscar of bad prose - and no, he isn't even a weblogger.

Richard says: "Children, children, children, please behave. There are people watching."

Having participated for years on Usenet and Fidonet, I have only piece of advice: Never mudsling with a pig. The pig likes it and you get dirty.

If Scoble tries to have the last word, he is going to blow up the whole place. Currently he is attracting trolls who like to pick a fight. And there are a whole lot more trolls than you can successfully fight. Plus, this whole Scobleizer-gets-payed-by-Microsoft only works as long as he is generating positive vibes for Microsoft. When that stops to work, this project will be killed by the enemies within that Scoble has already accumulated.

Update: It appears Scoble is taking a week off:

You know, you’re right. And you sensed something deeper. I’m not having fun anymore. I’m taking a week off. Then changes are ahead.

This is a good thing. Not necessarily if he has been told to take a week off.

[Thanks, Haiko, for the update]


No one told me to take the week off. It's good for the soul, though.

Robert Scoble, 2005-08-04

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