Lessons learned

by Volker Weber

A few things I learned since I got my brand new toy:

  1. I am in pretty bad shape. I am not lacking power but fitness. The only way to improve this is to use the bike, which I try to do three times a day. A short run in the morning and at noon, plus a long one in the evening.
  2. The bike fits (easily) into the Smart, but not into my car. I can only put it next to me into the passenger seat. I may want to take the bike to the IAA auto show in September as a benchmark.
  3. You do need a kickstand. Leaning the bike against walls does not cut it. Sooner or later it's going to fall over.
  4. Lots of people don't know how to properly switch gears on their bikes. I have seen a couple of them riding with the chain on the smallest chainring on the crankset as well as on the cassette, leading to tremendous shear on the chain.
  5. The Shimano Deore components have improved considerably over the last 15 years. It's incredible how easily the chain travels up the cassette.

I also found a nice animation showing how the bike folds.


Still waiting for pictures of vowe riding the bike :-)

Joerg Richter, 2005-08-03

Nice to hear that another car addict has finally switched to the purest form of travelling. And if You like it with a road performance that comes near a Porsche 911 try this. The drifting experience is awesome! Btw: With Your size and weight I give the Birdy one year to turn into a squashy squeaking rubber duck ;-)

Martin Schroers, 2005-08-06

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