Amazing photos from the Shuttle

by Volker Weber

Looking at these amazing pictures I was wondering what kind of camera was being used. It had to be digital, since we can look at them before the Shuttle has returned. You can see the camera in the first picture and the lense looked Nikon'ish, but I was not sure. It turns out this is the Kodak DCS 760, which is a Nikon F5 body with Kodak electronics.


On ISS and Orbiter, the DCS760 is said to be the only camera model in use. Looks like it required no or virtually no hardware and just some tiny software modifications to make it space ready. Rob Galbraith has the story.

Haiko Hebig, 2005-08-06

NASA has been using Nikon for years. I remember the Nikon ads promoting their NASA engagement.

Stefan Heinz, 2005-08-06

... sorry, my mouse was too fast and my brain too slow ;-)

I meant to say:
I remember the Nikon ads promoting their NASA engagement ... when I was a little boy and had my first Nikon myself (a Nikkormat FTn my dad had bought in the late 60s - I think).

Stefan Heinz, 2005-08-06

sad that the EXIF Information has been replaced by Photoshop...

Would have been interesting to read what kind of settings you need in space

(just in case...) :)

Samuel Adam, 2005-08-06

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