Browsing the web on the Nokia 9300

by Volker Weber


It may look like you are browsing the web through a mail drop, but this is actually the first time I can browse regular web pages with a mobile phone. Smaller screens work only with WAP pages. Since the 9300 has a VGA-wide screen it can easily accomodate the typical 500 pixel that most pages are designed for. Nice.


From a functionality point of view, I've always begrudged the Communicator owners their device. But the form factor disadvantage has always outweighed the functionality advantage. When I read your first posting on the 9300, I get the impression that this has shifted in favour of the device. Good to know!

Ragnar Schierholz, 2005-08-12

I told you so :O)

Ben Rose, 2005-08-12

Too bad the 9300 doesn't come with WiFi...

But hopefully there'll be a 9400 with a similar form factor as the 9300 plus WiFi:-)

Martin Switaiski, 2005-08-13

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