But what about the kitchen sink?

by Volker Weber

It has long been regarded that the UNIX-like OS NetBSD is portable to every type of machine except perhaps your kitchen toaster. Technologic Systems, however, has conquered this last frontier. Using one of its rugged embedded TS-7200 single-board computers housed inside the empty space of a standard 2 slice toaster, Technologic Systems has designed a functional NetBSD controlled toaster.

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[Thanks, Devid]


Ha! We've got this for ages now!
A colleague (hi Martin!) once applied for a job bragging that he coulld make linux run even on a toaster. He was told: "ok, you've got the job, but, by the way, we want to see the toaster". And, well, he delivered on his promise. I think he fitted a mini-ATX board inside it. If I still remember it, when I'm back from my business trip, I'll cough up a few pictures of it.

Jörg Henne, 2005-08-15

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