Nokia 9300 and Apple iSync 2.1

by Volker Weber


The Nokia 9300 has synced with Snoopy just nicely. There was not a single issue.

If you look at Apple's iSync page you won't find the Communicator 9300/9500 devices. The reason is that there is no Series 80 UI for the iSync component on the device. Today that has only been released for the UIQ and Series 60 interfaces of the Symbian operating system. Since you never need to look at the UI, you can use it without any difficulties.

The only thing you need to do is convince iSync that it should accept the 9300 or 9500 as a supported Symbian device. If you use this installer written by Diego Iaconelli, then you don't need to fiddle with plist files. It also adds a nice icon for your device to iSync.

Update: Make sure you read the update for iSync 2.2


But what will happen if Apple adds official support for the nokia 9300? Besides, i sync my mobile phone with outlook at work and with my ibook at home. That works, if i start it this way: Sync new phone with outlook, then delete all adresses on the mac and sync the phone with the mac. But the problem is: I work with mobile phones and like to change devices every month or so (and i also use two devices at once). Any ideal for that? Maybe iSync is intelligent enough to check all duplicates, but as i had problems with doubling all my contacts some years ago, i am cautious.

Christian Just, 2005-08-15

What will happen? Nothing. At this point in time you may want to re-install the iSync Agent on the 9300 so that you inherit the new Series 80 UI then.

Syncing one phone with two desktop is pressing your luck. :-)

Volker Weber, 2005-08-15

There's another solution at The Tao of Mac. At least for the contacts.

Oliver Regelmann, 2005-08-27

Wie bekomme ich zugang zu, um 9300 mit isync zu verbinden? bzw hat jmd das skript und kann es mir bitte senden

thomas Holzhuber, 2005-09-18

Hi Volker

I have tried your installer, but iSync keeps telling me that I need to install Sync Agent. After receiving this installer on my 9500, I keep getting the same message; to install iSync Agent.

Do I have to save iSync Agent in a particular location on my 9500?

Tim Hutchinson, 2005-09-30

The installer send the file as a message to the phone. Go into your inbox, open the message and install the file.

Volker Weber, 2005-09-30

Thanks, worked for me (9300 and iBook of a friend). Myself, I work with the Sony-Ericsson P910i and my 12' Powerbook. At the time of my decision making, the 9300 was just prohibitively expensive. Compared to the P910i, the 9300 feels like a much better design, inside and out and the size is just right, less bulky then the P910. Three things are missing to make it the perfect SmartPhone, a camera (debatable), WiFi and UMTS/3G and hey, throw in a nice iTunes app, great audio and controls...

Now, read this, my friend got the 9300 for 90 EUR (I repeat: ninety Euros) with the o2 Genion Duo contract. Incredibly, the price was offered at a MediaMarkt (yes, I know ;-). The official price on o2's website is EUR 379,99 at the time of this writing. The downside , pas de 2.400 SMS gratos. But what do you need free SMS for if you opted for the Email flatrate...

Moritz Schroeder, 2005-10-06

Many thanks Volker. Just installed your application for use with the Nokia 9300 and it works really well. I am now going to try another piece of software from Pocket Mac to allow me to use iSync to sync with Entourage rather than iCAL & Address book. As I understand it, the Pocket Mac software actually syncs data between Entourage and iCal & Address Book, so the sync itself is still made using the Apple applications.
Do I owe you anything for the use of this software?
Once again many thanks.
Best Wishes
Bob Abraham

Bob Abraham, 2005-10-14

Bob, this isn't my program. You are actually installing nothing but small bitmaps for the 9x00. The only other thing this installer does is that it configures iSync to talk to Series 80 phones. Pretty neat, eh?

I also did not create the installer. I simply link there so people can find it.

Of course you owe me nothing.

Volker Weber, 2005-10-14

Installed the tool on my Powerbook (10.4.2 & iSync 2.1) and everything just works fine when I sync the contacts.
Different when I sync my calendar. Program crashes when reading data from phone.
Any hints what could be wrong?

Best regards.

Dieter Kittenberger, 2005-11-09

Yes, I have.

I had these problems after upgrading the ROMs in my 9300 to 5.22 and restoring the calendar from backup. These issues were resolved after I reset the phone and then synced the device with data from the Mac. Syncing has worked (both ways) ever since.

Volker Weber, 2005-11-09

thanks! I'm just migrating from xp to mac, so I don't have calendar-data in iCal yet. Will try to export the data from the old calendar-app and import it to iCal.

My 9300 runs v4.53. Should I upgrade the 9300?

Dieter Kittenberger, 2005-11-09

In general: yes. But you have to visit a Nokia repair center to have it done.

Volker Weber, 2005-11-09

I am kind of new with the Apple MAC X but I am very happy with the switch. I als have Entourage (office 2003 for MAC) and I need to sync my 9300 with Calander and contacts, is this possible with ENTOURAGE??

Kind regards,
Thijs Bakker

Thijs Bakker, 2005-11-11

Bingo! Upgraded my 9300 to v5.22 and sync-ing works perfect!
Thanks & all the best!

Dieter Kittenberger, 2005-11-16

Hey Vowe:),

Thanks for a great script. I now love my Mac and my 9300. One quick question for you. What is the major difference between the 4.53 software and the 5.22? I am currently in Kuwait, and my best friend is the regional Nokia guy so I got my 9300 for free and updates and such are also free, but is it worth the time to go have it done?


P.S. Is the cable that came with the phone usable in any way or is it just something to throw in the bin

Don Trammell, 2005-11-20

Thanks a lot guy! My new mac mini is syncing like a shiny star with my V04.54 nokia 9300. After attempting multiple times to do it myself (by changing the known files), but it never worked.
Your app worked directly! Very well! Of, as Dutch people would say: Vet gaaf!

Willem Middelkoop, 2005-12-07

Just trashed my 5th non-working Sonyericsson V800 in a row (thanks vodafone for the great branding ruining perfectly well working phones) in exchange for a 9300 after having read here about all the goodies. Just wanted to put my grain of sand here as a thank you for the valuable info. Will go for the data card to be able to umts, though as that is lacking. For WLAN I have my 17" PB :-) no need to have it in a phone.

armin Roth, 2005-12-09

my dear,
my 9500 work with my powerbook perfect.
please keep in touch.

Sergio d'Arpa, 2005-12-19

Your snoopy is unavailable. Try to download it!

Giacomo Mauro D'Ariano, 2005-12-24

hello! any clues for my problem?
installed the installer. absolutely nothing happens than. no icon in isync, no dialog, no message in my inbox.
my configuration:
- ibook 700 mhz g3 with d-link usb bluetooth adaptor
- system 10.4.1; isync 2.1
- nokia communicator 9500 with new firmware
i am very desperated! isync with the communicator really sucks! :-((

Tobias Hagen, 2006-01-02

Hi, same problem here- downloaded- nothing happens- Help! I've been so lucky finding the right software.. Thanks!

Petra Vogler, 2006-01-02

Tobias, it does not suck.

Well, you download the installer. You run the installer. Now you are ready to add your Nokia 9300/9500 (over Bluetooth):

1. You run the "Setup Bluetooth Device" agent.
2. At the end you select "I want to sync this device".
3. iSync should open. If not, load it and "Add device".
4. iSync sends the iSync Agent to the phone.
5. Open the Nokia, go into messages and let it install the iSync Agent.


Volker Weber, 2006-01-02


I have installed the counduit serveral times (removing the receipt to force new install) and nothig... the sync option does not appear...

I just get the "use modem" option

powerbook 15, 10.4.3 iSync 2.1


Jordi J. Recort, 2006-01-03

It's not supposed to show up on the Nokia. It shows up in iSync.

Volker Weber, 2006-01-03

I have just bought the new 9300i, and sync'ing with the seems to have a solution here.

But as I started the installer I noticed a small warning text conserning future version of OSX beyond 10.4.1:
'This installer is only valid for Mac OS X 10.4 and 10.4.1, and will most likely break horribly under later Mac OS or iSync updates. In such cases, please be sure to check back for updates. '

So... I'm on OSX 10.4.3, anyone tried this?

Kenneth Riber Andersen, 2006-01-20

tried your recommended installer for the Mac/nokia 9300 installer but when i click on the .pkg icon the screen darkens and another icon appears with a cross on it saying click to close. any advise please.(using new G4 powerbook)
many thanks

mark Ferguson, 2006-01-23

hey, I have tried your installer by using iSync with my nokia 9300, but now, when i try to reach my address book (agenda) iSync keeps telling me that the system is closed, need to know what to do? After attempting multiple times to do it myself, I keep getting the same message;
any clues for my problem? its really important to me!

Niels Erichsen, 2006-03-20


I just got a new mac and a new Nokia 9300i. completely lost and would like to sync my entourage to it. can anybody please please advise poor me.


Pamela Lim, 2006-10-04

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