Eclipse Plugin for Domino

by Volker Weber

Keith Smilie writes in a comment on this site:

I have been developing an Eclipse plugin for Domino which is just about ready for alpha testers. The plugin is called Domiclipse and allows a developer to use Eclipse for all *Java* development and then 'replicate' the changes back to Domino.

For more information have a look at


Now that would be fantastic!

Steve Castledine, 2005-08-17


(I do all Java Development for Domino in Eclipse already - except for agents. This would be the last logical step... and save me from updating .jar files and recompiling the agents all the time. Great Idea!)

Frank Dröge, 2005-08-17

Cool, I'll add it to my Domino
Application Development Tools page

Alan Lepofsky, 2005-08-17

What does this tool do? Not much. It saves you the trouble of copy/paste to the agent. It also (mis)uses a the nice word "replication" (as did MS and Oracle).

Here is what I want:
Open Designer.
Create new agent...
Eclipse opens.
Write code (in Eclipse).
Test code (in Eclipse against Domino dbs).
Deploy code (replicate to production/staging area).
Go home and think of all those poor Oracle and WebSphere sods who are still trying to deploy:)

Vilhjálmur Helgason, 2005-08-17

That's pretty much what Domiclipse is designed to do.

Domiclipse (will) work exactly as you described above except you won't need to open Designer! :)

The use of the word 'replicate' is somewhat, er, devious. Initially I called it Synchronise but then thought that Domino developers are more likely to understand the 'concept' of replication and the associated concerns of replication conflicts etc.

But a rose is still a rose, whatever it's called. :)

Keith Smillie, 2005-08-17

In my case, it (hopefully) also saves me the trouble of figuring out which agent I have compiled with which version of the .jar-file...

Frank Dröge, 2005-08-18

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