IBM to deliver preinstalled VMware images

by Volker Weber

eWeek via Ed Brill:

Under the deal, SMBs can download Red Hat Enterprise Linux and IBM Workplace Services Express preinstalled in a VMware environment and packaged as a virtual machine for a free 90-day trial. The download will be available next month through Red Hat Network.

That is one smart move. A pre-packaged and fine tuned installation ready to consume on any VMware platform from Workstation to ESX server. This is the single best way to test server applications. Brilliant move.


I've been using VMWare for a while and it's just amazing. In fact I have some virtual machines with IBM software like Tivoli Omegamon, Lotus Workplace, Websphere Portal, Content Manager and it works like a charm.

Just waiting for VMWare support for OSx86 and then the picture will be completed.


Alex Hernandez, 2005-08-17

Hmmmm ... I can't help thinking that maybe, just maybe, your software install got a little too complicated if you need to do a move like this?

Stefan Tilkov, 2005-08-17

Actually, this product install is not too bad at all. But what's wrong with having a machine ready to run?

Volker Weber, 2005-08-18

We have excellent experience with VMware as well. Not too long ago when a web server we use but don't manage went down, we had an identical copy of the system up and running in no time and the web outage was over. Other minor services with little load also run in a VMware environment on a single machine. A file server for example has enough CPU resources available for a couple of Vmware instances.

Ragnar Schierholz, 2005-08-18

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