Movable Type site works with Domino LDAP

by Volker Weber

Loic Le Meur writes:

The French telecom company Alcatel has just launched an Intranet site on Movable Type that replaces several usual tools such as Lotus Quickplace. More at Tubbydev [fr] who has realized the technical integration and even linked Movable Type to a Lotus Notes LDAP directory.

Unfortunately Loic does not write about the integration.


Hi Volker, I will, I am asking Tubbydev more details on how they did it!

Thanks for your interest.

Loic Le Meur, 2005-08-17

Can I mention that DominoBlog - the domino software I based on Moveabletype a few years back - can also do intranets etc - obviously domino LDAP support comes as standard!

Steve Castledine, 2005-08-18

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