Mambo splits

by Volker Weber

Mambo server is believed to be one of the best open source CMS systems out there. Miro CEO Peter Lamont has now incorporated a Mambo Foundation Inc. that wants to control who can contribute to the project. This has alienated the core development team.

Miro holds the rights to the name and has not transferred those rights to the foundation. Since Mambo is published under the GPL, anybody can take the code and fork it into a different project. Who else could do this better than the core development team?


"Mambo server is believed to be one of the best open source CMS systems out there."

What about Typo3?

Michael Keukert, 2005-08-19


I guess that's why they said "ONE of the best" not "THE best" :)

But I agree, mambo is insanely easy to use compared to typo3. Sure, you have a few features less, but for most people, mambo does the job, hence it's "ONE of the best".

Kay Satirli, 2005-08-19

My, my. And I always thought there was a difference between "one of the best" and "one of the most complex" ;) Honestly, Mambo hasn't got and probably will never have all of the features to be found in Typo3. However, installing Mambo can be done by the average Joe User while still providing a lot of features whereas to install Typo3 you'll need something along the lines of a masters degree (viewed from the Joe User perspective). Having said that I have to admit that I don't like either of them very much for different reasons.

Stefan Rubner, 2005-08-19

Admittedly, Typo3 has a steep learning curve, which is not easy (if not impossible) to master by "Joe User". But it pays off in the long run.

Kay, you're right, I missed the "ONE of" when posting the comment.

Michael Keukert, 2005-08-20

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