The Best of British - The American's guide to speaking British...

by Volker Weber

... and it helps Germans too. Care for an example?

Biggie - This is unusual. A biggie is what a child calls his poo! Hence the reason Wendy's Hamburgers has never really taken off in England - who would buy "biggie fries"? Yuck - I'm sure you wouldn't buy poo fries! The other meaning of Biggie is erection. It just gets worse!

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[via Ned]


That's news to me, I think that maybe one family? Not sure how many Brits refer to their shit as a biggie?

Carl Tyler, 2005-08-18

There are a few gems in there. I liked "on the job". Also did not expect that one would need to explain "piss poor". It took this for granted from the 7P rule: "Proper prior preparation prevents piss poor performance."

Volker Weber, 2005-08-18

and here I thought you might be mocking the definition of "Brill"...

Russell Loewen, 2005-08-19

Ned talks about the expression "chuffed." I was amused to see British Airways' Stateside ad campaign running along the same lines, explaining British jargon.

They based posters around the words "chuffed", giving people a "bell" (to 'phone) and "bin" (trash can).

Most amusing!

Ben Poole, 2005-08-19

All the British (English?) I need to know I learned from Austin Powers...

Chris Whisonant, 2005-08-19

Building on Ben's comment: To support their British Jargon campaign in NYC, check out this British Airways page too. Lot's more defintions - I'll bell ya on ya mobby, 'right?

Simon Barratt, 2005-08-19

In all my life as a Brit I've never heard a turd referred to as a "biggie". Apart from that the list seems fairly comprehensive.

Jake Howlett, 2005-08-20

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