If a Hummer isn't stupid enough

by Volker Weber


Just because you can, doesn't mean you should...

Thomas Duff, 2005-08-20

This is extreme but such "monster truck" conversions are not that uncommon here in the US. Whenever I see one, I instantly think "That dude does not feel remotely as stupid as he looks." But then again, that also is why they continue to exist.

Arthur Fontaine, 2005-08-21

What chaps my ass most about shit like this is that these cars will absolutely crush me in my normal vehicle. There *are* laws about how high you can lift a truck (I believe it's 30 inches in my state), but it never seems to be enforced.

Thom Rosario, 2005-08-21

Hm, if I were to drive such a beast, the radio better be quite loud. Otherwise the gargling sound from the gas pipes would cause too much of a bad conscience. How many feet do you get from a gallon with this? Or can it actually be measured in miles?

Ragnar Schierholz, 2005-08-21

Where can I buy one, and how much do they cost?
(KIDDING!! The insurance alone is probably a killer....)

Bob Balaban, 2005-08-21


Clarkson reviewed the Hummer a while ago. He was getting 1MPG fuel comsumption...... The engine needs to be big to haul the peterl tanker it would need to go on a long drive.

Paul Mooney, 2005-08-22

Okay, I'd have an H2 if only I could afford it, but the Lambo doors *are* rediculous. (I think it was 50 cent who came up with that shit in his his lyrics.)

joerg schubert, 2005-08-22


Brian Benz, 2005-08-22

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