The universal charger

by Volker Weber

My gadget box contains a whole lot of chargers for my mobile, the GPS receiver, the camera, the iBook and so forth. However, most of the accessory devices I have been testing in the last months charge over USB. Today I received a GPS receiver that hooks up via USB or Bluetooth. And it charges over USB as well. The wall wart has a standard USB plug. There is a host of other devices that use chargers with mini-USB plugs, like my Samsung MP3 player, the Motorola RAZR and so forth.

That is why I declare the mini-USB port as the standard interface to charge gadgets.


ACK. By Bluetooth Headset charges as well over my powerbook, my Palm as well.
My car setup do you know as well I think :-) So i can charge all the gadgets on the road.

Henrik Heigl, 2005-08-24

Unfortunately I still have many gadgets (as my mobile phone) that do not yet have an USB connection. I am looking forward to the day that I can travel without a big bag of chargers.

Jeroen Sangers, 2005-08-24

I'm a bit out of touch with these things. Do we still worry about volts and amps or is that a standard thing in USB chargers? (I suspect volts: yes, amps: no).

Chris Linfoot, 2005-08-24

5 V, 500 mA for USB 1. More A for USB 2, but not sure how much.

Volker Weber, 2005-08-24

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