When Clinton lied

by Volker Weber

... nobody died.


Das ist so ziemlich die übelste Fotostrecke, die ich jemals gesehen habe. Vermutlich, weil sich alles im Kopf abspielt.

"There's no glory in that."

"They were given a rag in return for their husband's life."

Frank Dröge, 2005-08-27

If a small child ran out to the road, what would you do?

- wait and see what happens?
- assume the speeding car would swerve to avoid hitting the child?
- do nothing and wait for something to happen to the child first?

The very freedom of producing and watching 'bitter fruit' is
exactly what the glory is all about. Problem is, too many of us
already take this for granted.

Where's the glory in using someone's death and funeral to further
some leftist cause?

Where's the glory in painting a picture with only one color?

Where's the glory when a human being *LAST* rights are taken out of
context and USED (at their own expense) to portray someone elses
own political views/agendas?

Where's the glory of being able to truly Rest In Piece without being
subjected to global mass opinions.

The face of global terrorism hides nowhere. To be a sitting duck and do
nothing about it or worse, wait for it to happen first, is just insanity.
On the next 9/11 where ever you may be - (US, London, Bali, Morroco,
Israel, Russia, Philippines, Denmark, etc etc,) maybe we'll all remember
where the glory is...


Sir William Gothiem, 2005-08-27

Dear "Sir" William Gothiem (wherever you took this from...),

thank you very much for you great comment, please also ask yourself some questions:

What do you think is the source of this terrorism?

Do you think, that you can educate a minority of extremists by the means of a war that mainly hurts civilists?

Why is it then the task of a nation like the US to attack a country 9.000 km apart from their home area to liberate it from its extremists?

What (relevant sources, please) is the link in between 9/11 and the war in Iraq?

Why do you think, a german chancelor is nominated for the Nobel price in the section for "peace" and not an american president, as by your explanation, George W. is the warrior for the peace in the world?

And, by the way, have you ever asked one of the parents of those soldiers that died in Irak what they do think about the war in Irak.

I have had a very meaningful conversation with a US citizen about 3 years ago during a training that he gave in Amsterdam. On the 11th of September, he kindly asked us to excuse his mood for this day and by the end, when we asked him, what it was about, he told us his story.

A neighbour of his was one of the two pilots in the machine, that was taken down by the U.S. forces, before it could hit any of the targets.

He was in deap sorrow about what had afterwards been done to the people of Iraq in the name of liberation. He stated a true sentence: Liberation can not be done by a war, it can only be done by changing the mind of an entire nation.

Do you think, that the Iraqi's mind has been changed by murdering their people? I don't!!

I think, he was and still is one of those people that, in contrary to you, do understand that it does not make sense to fight terrorism in this way.

Best Regards:


Matthias Lorz, 2005-08-27

I am not sure whether it really matters, but "taken down by the U.S. forces, before it could hit any of the targets" is in the realm of conspiracy theory.

Ed Brill, 2005-08-28

And one aspect of the whole story is completely missing here: There are casualties apart from the soldiers. People who did not sign up for a job that inherently involves the risk of being killed are killed as well. Some by those soliders, some by those who these soldiers are fighting (and claim to be successfully fighting).

Ragnar Schierholz, 2005-08-29

offtopic question: does anybody know which software solution (thumnail gallery xyz???) Paul Fusco used to publish his pictures combined with vooice or is it a customized solution?

Robert Basic, 2005-08-29

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